BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group hosted a voluntary Blood Donation event with the participation of Cyprus Olympic Committee


On Thursday, June 20, 2024, in anticipation of the summer holidays, a period when blood
banks are on a serious shortage, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group hosted an open blood
donation event at Polydynamo Diagnostic center in Nicosia.
The public’s response to the call of the Group and the Blood Center was heartwarming, as
dozens of citizens rushed to Polydynamo to donate blood. Representatives of the Cyprus
Olympic Committee also attended the event, as part of the Group’s participation in the
COE’s sponsorship program, serving as a Medical Services Sponsor.
Director of Operations and Business Development of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in
Cyprus, Mr. Tasos Kalogiannis was thankful to the blood donors and emphasized that the
Group, recognizing the increasing need for blood, organizes blood donation events annually
on its premises to support the work of the Blood Center. “Blood donation is the ultimate act
of humanity and solidarity,” he said, assuring that the Group will continue to support the
efforts of the Blood Center, with the ultimate goal of helping our fellow citizens who need
blood on a regular or emergency basis.
Mr. Kalogiannis also spoke highly of the Blood Center, describing its work as remarkable, as
well as the Cyprus Olympic Committee and the Municipality of Aglantzia for sponsoring the
event. “The support from both the COE and the Municipality of Aglantzia, especially from the
Mayor and soon-to-be Deputy Mayor of Aglantzia, Mr. Andreas Konstantinou, is invaluable
and we thank them,” he stated.