CrossBorderMedCare serves as the International Patient Center (IPC) of BIOATRIKI Healthcare Group that undertakes the safe transportation, treatment and rehabilitation of international patients by offering oriented medical services either for elective medical tourism, that is, patients visiting Greece for receiving planned medical care, or for the management of medical emergency cases.
Our services, according to the highest international standards, meet the demanding medical needs of foreign citizens.

IPC consists of specialized departments (call center –back office – claims dpt) and the call center +6985 11 2000 is available 24/7 all year round.
Each patient is served by a patient coordinator, who is experienced and skilled in providing medical assistance and is under the constant guidance of the responsible physician.

Patient coordinators are a point of reference during the provision of medical care, and the link between the patient, the physician and the nursing staff.
The inpatient cases are channeled into one of the two Clinics of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Athens and Thessaloniki, all the other cases are served at the Diagnostic Centers of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group.

Before patient’s visit the IPC:
  • Schedules either appointments at any suitable diagnostic center or patient’s admission to one of the Group clinics.
  • Coordinates the patient’s transportation to the clinic.
  • Arranges to host the escort(s) at the clinic or hotel when required.
  • Upon request, informs the patient about the cost estimation of their health care.
During patient’s hospitalization the IPC:
  • Undertakes the bureaucratic procedures for the patient’s admission to the hospital.
  • Creates seamless communication conditions and, if necessary, ensures the presence of an interpreter.
  • Writes medical reports for the various bodies (insurance companies, medical service companies, insurance funds), who may be involved in the final coverage of the incident.
  • Sends all the necessary documents so that a letter of guarantee is issued to cover the cost of treatment.
  • Is in constant contact with the Consulate and informs about the course of the patient’s disease.
After patient’s hospital discharge the IPC:
  • Ensures that the patient receives copies of their medical reports and their medical record.
  • Proceeds to drug prescription which are often supplied to patients.
  • Plans for patient’s potential follow-ups.
  • Arranges transportation by taxi or ambulance to the destination of the patient’s choice

CrossBorderMedCare has created a network of primary healthcare professionals of all specialties, who have been selected based on the experience of each one of them from various health systems abroad. Our doctors are multilingual, bypassing thus the communication barrier which is the largest stress factor for travelers in case of emergency care.

The performance and experience that our doctors gained from foreign health systems results in better approach and understanding of the needs of international patients. In other words, the doctor adapts better to the culture and mentality of each patient.

CrossBorderMedCare’s goal is the nationwide medical service of international patients with by utilizing the existing network of the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, and by creating medical facilities in strategically selected areas where the tourism is high.