Endocrinology Department

The department of Endocrinology (Hormonology) has long been the field of obtaining important laboratory information for the clinician. In other words, it is a reference laboratory for the medical community. It is one of the most important divisions of BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE Group’s Laboratories and it is divided into the department of Endocrinology and the sub-department of monitoring Drug Levels where we provide a wide range of examinations thanks to the capabilities of the parent’s company Laboratory in Greece.

The clinical assessment by specialized biopathologists is responsible for the reliability and accuracy of the laboratory results, that evaluate information about gender or age, date of last menstruation, medication, pregnancy, or medical history that affect the patient’s laboratory and clinical image.


  • Immunoassays (radioimmunoassays or RIA)
  • Enzyme immunoassays (EIA)
  • Chemiluminescence (CF) Immunoassays (CLIA)
  • Electrochemiluminescence immunoassays (ECLIA), and
  • KIMS (Kinetic Interaction of Microparticles in Solution)