Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories was founded in 1975 by Dr. Nikos S. Yiannoukas. Its headquarters are in ​​Strovolos, Nicosia, Cyprus. 

In 2000, his son, Kyriakos N. Yiannoukas joined the company, bringing, for the first time, the innovative idea of ​​providing services through the operation of sampling centers with the objective of bringing the medical services closer to the patient 

  • by diminishing travel inconvenience  
  • by diminishing the required time for the implementation of patient’s laboratory tests
  • by rendering the laboratory services easily accessible to everyone without geographical and economic exclusions and discriminations
  • by transferring the samples to the laboratory in a safe and standardized way with the company’s own responsibility

As a result, over the years, Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories has come to be rightly considered one of the largest and most recognizable medical Laboratories in Cyprus.

The year 2017 was a milestone year for the Laboratory as, initially, through a public tender and in collaboration with BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP, succeeds in undertaking the universal creation, organization, staffing and operation of the Clinical Laboratory of GERMAN ONCOLOGY CENTER https://www.goc.com.cy/tmimata/kliniko-ergastirio/, while, at the same time, BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP becomes the majority shareholder of the Laboratory and its positive evolutionary course begins towards the current YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES | BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP.

Today ‘s YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES | BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP maintained the idea of ​​the sampling centers, however, BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP radically reformed the way of providing its services by establishing standards in quality, numerical and innovative services as:

  • It becomes first Laboratory with universal presence in Cyprus· Nicosia, Larnaca, Limassol and Paphos
  • Introduces the use of mobile service units for people with disabilities
  • Operates new central medical laboratories in Nicosia and Limassol with multiple modern new medical devices characterized by robotic automation that reduce human error
  • It carried out a radical re-organization of its personnel, introducing new specific roles and providing employment to a plethora of doctors, medical specialists, and nursing staff.
  • It upgraded its sampling centers numerically, qualitatively, and operationally. There are now 16 operating sampling centers throughout Cyprus, the “image” and operation of which, are setting the Service Standards and becoming a reference point for other Medical Laboratories.
  • It is one of the few ISO 15189 accredited clinical laboratories that constantly maintains and increases the number of accredited medical tests available and conducted in Cyprus.
  • Being a member of BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP, provides more than 3500 different kinds of medical tests, many of which are specialized and implemented in collaboration with universities and research centers abroad.
  • It operates in collaboration with the other Cypriot member of BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP, ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center, and the first POLYDYNAMO CENTER of the Group, in which the patients can receive both clinical laboratory and radiodiagnostic services.

Today, an increasing number of clinical laboratories are reforming their services trying to resemble YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES | BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP and establish branches in areas where we operate.

However, what will always distinguish YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES | BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP from everyone else will be our Focus on the following triptych