Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories

Sampling Preparation


You can receive any preparation instruction by calling us at least 24 hours before the sampling. Proper description of the medical examination you want to receive, will result to proper preparation instructions. For further clarification do contact us or your personal doctor.


We advise overnight fasting 10-12 hours prior to blood sampling. Specific blood tests such as metabolic, glucose, triglycerides, cholesterol, and lipids in general require fasting, while other tests require blood sampling in the morning. Therefore, if there is no special reason to act otherwise, you should visit our sampling points in the morning after fasting. Otherwise, contact us to provide you with information and proper guidance depending on the medical examination you wish to do.

Drinking plenty of water is helpful for blood sampling!


We recommend blood sampling during early morning hours (7:30 AM to 9:30 AM), which is not universal for all blood tests. 


Urine must be collected into sterile containers with caps that close tightly. 

First urine in the morning (first-void urine): A urine sample that is collected during the first morning urination and it is appropriate for the usual urine analysis. Do contact us to provide you with detailed instructions for proper sample collection, depending on the analysis.