BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group has been active in the field of health services since 1981. Today, Bioiatriki is the leading private Primary Health Care provider by offering 56 autonomous Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus, which receive more than three million visitors per year.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group is also active in Secondary Health Care with BIOCLINIC General Hospital of Athens and BIOCLINIC of Thessaloniki, which are exemplars of modern high quality hospital units. The Group also has a CrossBorderMedCare unit and 7 Dental Centers (Athens, Alimos, Kifisia, Peristeri, Thessaloniki, Kalamaria).

The Group cooperates with more than 400 private companies, the largest insurance companies and with all social security insurances in Greece and Cyprus.


Bioiatriki Healthcare Group has set a growth course in the Republic of Cyprus, implementing a multidimensional investment program which always aims to achieve the vision of its founder to provide innovative and easily accessible health services to all citizens.

Group’s milestones of development in Cyprus

The Group establishes in the Republic of Cyprus in 2017 when:

– it becomes the majority shareholder and controls the largest clinical laboratory in Cyprus, YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES LTD, based in Nicosia, Cyprus, with presence all over Cyprus,

– following a public tender, it undertakes the design, equipment, staffing and overall operation of the German Oncology Center’s clinical laboratory within its facilities.

BIOIATRIKI HEALTHCARE GROUP invests in the complete modernization and automation of the main laboratory of YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES and in the complete upgrade of processes such as the organization, operation, and provision of medical services, with emphasis on the introduction of new digital tools, reorganization and modernization of the systems and equipment, the introduction of extensive quality procedures, and the qualitative and numerical upgrade of its personnel.

At the same time, an extensive plan to upgrade the facilities of YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES begins with an emphasis on quality service to all citizens without geographical, social, and economic exclusions.

Midyear 2018, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group fully acquires the ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center, one of the most successful diagnostic centers of Republic of Cyprus. A universal equipment upgrade was implemented by utilizing and applying new technologies, while the specialized medical and general personnel was increased, aiming to create a modern center, specialized in interventional radiology and research in the field of Medical Biotechnology.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group proceeds to extensive interventions of upgrading both the services and the facilities of YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES and ALPHA EVRESIS resulting in the creation of 16 modern centers for the provision of clinical, sampling, and medical imaging services.

Bioiatriki Healthcare Group becomes one of the first to collaborate with GESY (Health Insurance Agency of Cyprus), offering, from the first moment, all its units and services without any discrimination.

Amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Bioiatriki Healthcare Group continues to plan and envision, inaugurating the first Polydynamo Center of Cyprus in which patients can receive both clinical laboratory (YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES) and medical imaging (ALPHA EVRESIS) services.

Polydynamo Center is equipped with state-of-the-art medical devices. Among them, stands out the 3 Tesla MRI by Siemens with artificial intelligence – the first AI MRI in Greece and Cyprus and just the third in Europe – able to interface with an international database to assist in the diagnosis. Additionally, other modern radiological devices included in the Center are a digital mammogram, a Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry (DEXA) for bone density measurement, ultrasound scanners, and X-RAY devices.

Furthermore, Polydynamo Center has launched another innovation: patients will have full visual perspective of the Laboratory, that is, they will be able to see, for the first time, in real time, all the procedures of a fully automated modern laboratory, with robotic sample management and minimal human intervention.  

This laboratory will be our Group’s Central Laboratory in Cyprus. Samples from all sampling centers will be collected here, so that they can be analyzed quickly, with all the safety and quality specifications.

  • 2 MRI(1,5Tκαι 3Τ με ΑΙ) — 2 MRI(1,5T and 3Τ with ΑΙ)
  • 1 CT (64slices)
  • Mastographs with Tomosynthesis
  • 4 Ultrasound with elastography
  • 2 Bone Density Measurement Units (DEXA) with special fat measurement software
  • 2 Digital X-rays (X-RAYs)
  • Orthopantograph