Computed Tomography (CT)

In ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center in Athalassas Avenue operates the modern multi-slice CT (64 slices per rotation) Aquilion 64 by Toshiba that can offer CT coronary angiography services.

It delivers true isotropic imaging, 64 simultaneous 0.5mm slices per rotation, 0.35mm spatial resolution for small vessel and coronary artery detail, and exceptional low-contrast resolution.

Image contrast detection time is almost real-time, with 16 images per second.

It is designed for the ease of use and the full utilization of the isotropic information it receives. This results in the immediate display of images at all three levels (Multiplanar reformation-MPR) without any further processing.

The exceptional capabilities of the system become particularly evident:

  • in specialized, low-dose radiation, pediatric protocols.
  • in CT coronary angiography (non-invasive diagnostic method of coronary artery evaluation).
  • in whole body axial angiography
  • in axial colonography (virtual colonoscopy).

Our existing equipment carries out all the applications of CT with high quality diagnostic tests:

  • full body CT (brain, splanchnocranium, cervical, upper, and lower abdomen, spine, upper and lower limbs).
  • full body axial angiography (brain, cervix, thorax and abdominal aorta, iliac and peripheral vessels)
  • axial CT coronary angiography: may be useful in the diagnosis of coronary heart disease, when the clinical symptoms and clinical tests are unclear, and for the follow-up of patients with previous angioplasty and stent placement or previous coronary artery bypass surgery.

It can also be used for the early diagnosis of coronary heart disease in patients with predisposing factors.

  • axial colonography: may be useful in cases when colonoscopy has not been completed or to people who should undergo screening of the large intestine and either they cannot, or they do not want a colonoscopy.