BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group dedicated the first Polydynamo Medical Center in Cyprus

The Group has expanded via the grand opening of the new clinical laboratory. 


The first Polydynamo Medical Center in Cyprus, where one has access to both medical and imaging tests (Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories & Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center), was dedicated today in Nicosia.

The Center’s grand opening was performed by His Eminence, the Most Reverend of Tamassos and Orinis, Mr. Isaias (Kykkotis), and CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, Mr. Georgios Spanos, in the presence of a representative of the ambassador of Greece in Cyprus, a representative of the Minister of Health, politicians, mayors, the President of the COC, senior managers of the OAY, other officials and a crowd of people. 

The Polydynamo Medical Center is housed in a state-of-the-art three-level building at 100 Limassol Avenue, Strovolos, and has state-of-the-art medical technology equipment and experienced and specialized scientific personnel. The Center houses perhaps the most modern clinical laboratory in Cyprus, with extensive automation, innovative software, certification (ISO), BackUp machines, and robotic processes from the sampling to the report of the result. Additionally, visitors have full visual access to all the processes of the laboratory. The Center also has full state-of-the-art imaging technology equipment with a low energy footprint, which includes a 3 Tesla MRI with Artificial Intelligence software, a 128-slice CT Scanner with special personalized dose optimization software, which significantly reduces radiation especially in children, two state-of-the-art ultrasound systems with elastography capability, a digital mammogram with tomosynthesis capability, Digital X-Ray for low-radiation Digital X-ray, and a DEXA-software device for bone density measurement able to measure fat with a graphic representation of it on the body.

During his speech, the CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group Mr. Georgios Spanos referred to the institution of Polydynamo Medical Centers, noting that the pioneer and founder of the Group, the late Evangelos Spanos, saw from the mid-1980s this need for Greece, and with careful and precise steps developed such establishments in Attica, Thessaloniki, and Evia. “Today, with an ambitious investment plan, we are introducing these services to Cyprus as well, with the aim of providing the best possible service to citizens, promoting preventive control and Health”, he emphasized, highlighting the Group’s vision for providing the best possible primary health care, through the continuous upgrading of the services it offers.

In the context of the event, it was also announced that the integration of the Pavlidis medical laboratories, with an additional 12 branches, into the large family of the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group has been finalized and will be completed within the beginning of 2023.

In his acknowledgment, the Minister of Health, Michalis Hatzipantela, said: “The creation of medical diagnostic infrastructures, which enables patients to visit and receive multi medical services, promotes immediate treatment of any health issues.BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, which has been active in Cyprus since 2017, by investing in the quality of these services with remarkable facilities, innovative equipment, and human resources, is actively supporting the GeSY”.

In his own acknowledgment, the ambassador of Greece in Cyprus, Mr. Ioannis Papamelitou, said: “BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group is one of the most important and prestigious providers of primary and secondary health care services, which currently has a total of 71 diagnostic centers in Greece and Cyprus. It is certain that this model Diagnostic Center of the Group will contribute to timely and safe diagnosis with reliable tests and excellent services to the patients in exemplary places, without the discomfort of waiting and suffering from their health issues”.

BIOIATRIKI Group, with more than 40 years of presence in the field of Health, has been active in Cyprus since 2017, with a pancypriot network of medical services that includes two state-of-the-art central clinical laboratories, 16 sampling centers, two radiodiagnostic examination centers and a Polydynamo Medical Center in Nicosia with the most modern Clinical Laboratory and Radiodiagnostic equipment. The addition of Pavlidis Medical Laboratories to the Group, the Group’s presence in Limassol and Paphos is further strengthened.

*Note: The acknowledgment was read on behalf of the Minister of Health, by the Ministry’s Medical Services officer, Mr. Konstantinos Papantoniou.

The acknowledgment of the Ambassador of Greece in Cyprus was read on his behalf by the Counselor of the Embassy A’, representative of the Ambassador, Mr. Alexandros Konsta.