BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s aid in natural disasters’ prevention and response

Donation of medical equipment and pharmaceutical mobile units


BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus (Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories – Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center) supports the work of Crisis and Disaster Support Centre by Reaction Organization for the prevention and response of potential fires and other natural disasters by donating medical equipment and pharmaceutical mobile units.

Reaction Organization suffered significant equipment damages during the last firefighting, while the remaining relevant stockpile was exhausted for the needs of the fire victims and the people in the front line.

Realizing that the rearrangement and reorganization of Reaction Organization’s equipment and forces for maximum readiness for any new future natural disaster/crisis is of primary importance, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group responded Reaction Organization’s call by donating medical equipment and pharmaceutical first aid kits for rural and forest firefighting and for patrols (in cooperation with government services). In BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group we understand the significance of government’s support services to the public, to the people in front line, the search & rescue operations, and the existence of training programs regarding the above.  Additionally, a large part of the equipment will be donated to relative organized groups and local authorities to strengthen their preventive actions and programs.

The Director of Operations and Business Development of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus, Mr. Tasos Kalogiannis stated: “For us, the principles of solidarity and social contribution are timeless guides to our action. That goes without saying, we would do everything in our power to help the people affected. However, we consider extremely important to be prepared for crises / natural disasters that we will probably be called upon as a society to face in the future. We recognize the important work of Reaction Organization which is characterized by its readiness to act in the field, every time we are called to face a disaster· we had to contribute via donation”. Learn more about BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s actions in