BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group sponsors the medical services to Cyprus Olympic Committee

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group and the Cyprus Olympic Committee have signed a sponsorship cooperation agreement valid until the end of 2024, the year of the “Paris 2024” Olympic Games. BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group joined the sponsorship program of COC with which it provides medical services to the Olympic team.

The agreement was signed by COC President Mr. Georgios Chrysostomou and Director of Operations and Business Development in Cyprus Mr. Anastasios Kalogiannis, in the presence of the CEO of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, Mr. Kyriakos Giannouka. Athletes Konstantina Nikolaou (Shooting), Alexandros Poursanidis (athletics), and Andri Christophoridou (cycling), were also present.

The president of COC, Mr. Georgios Chrysostomou, focusing on the presence of the athletes, underlined once again that the promotion of the ethics of the athletes who will be the role models, not only for the youngest, but for our entire society is more important than wins and medals.

Mr. Kalogiannis, in turn, emphasized the commendable course of the COC, saying: “I’m sure there will be even greater successes, but as we all agree, it’s not the success that matters, but the participation. Fair competition, sportsmanship, and respect for our fellow man are concepts deeply rooted in the philosophies of COC and BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group. Our goal is the medical support to our athletes, in addition to every citizen, with an emphasis on young people, through a series of actions aimed at the development of health and wellbeing, through sports. Congratulations to both COC’s management and athletes. BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group will be by their side whenever they need us.”

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group has been active in the field of health services since 1981. Today the Group is the leading private provider of primary healthcare services, counting 72 Diagnostic Centers in Greece and Cyprus, 2 general clinics, 7 dental practices, 2 Nutritional Centers, an Ergometric Center, a Dermatology Center, and a Center for International Patients. The Group is the major shareholder of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, which is the largest clinical laboratory in Cyprus, and has fully acquired Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center. He has also undertaken, after an international tender, the establishment, staffing, and operation of the clinical laboratory within the facilities of the German Oncology Center.

PAOK FC Jersey

During the signing ceremony, Mr. Kalogiannis, being aware that the President of COC is PAOK FC fan, donated to Mr. Chrysostomou the team’s official jersey with his name and the signatures of all the players and the coach. The president of COC thanked Mr. Kalogiannis for the initiative, and jokingly mentioned that the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group – COC team started “with a goal from the locker room”.

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