Collaboration with Bioiatriki Healthcare Group in Greece

Both Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories and Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center are members of Bioiatriki Healthcare Group in Greece. Therefore, there is a collaboration among these bodies for a series of innovative services that include, among others,

  • Implementation of specialized clinical laboratory examinations. These specialized examinations most of the time are not covered by GESY or they are not provided elsewhere in Cyprus in other words, they are examination regarding Molecular Endocrinology, Cytogenetics and more, which are either carried out in the Group’s central laboratories in Greece or in in collaboration with foreign universities and research institutions in Europe, America and around the world.
  • Provision of a second specialized opinion in cases of radiodiagnostic examinations. There are cases when the physician or the patients themselves seek a second, more specialized or simply from a different point of view additional opinion regarding Radiodiagnostic examinations.