Gold and Silver award for BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group At Cyprus Healthcare Business Awards

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group (Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories– Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center) was awarded with a Gold Award in the “Quality of Services” category and a Silver in the “Innovative Diagnostic Center Unit” category at the Cyprus Healthcare Business Awards 2021.

The aim of the event was to highlight the best practices and innovations in the whole spectrum of healthcare providers.

Upon receiving the awards, Anastasios Kalogiannis, Operations and Development Director of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus, said: “It is with great pleasure that our Group receives these two important awards today. Gold award in the Quality-of-Service category and Silver in the Innovative Diagnostic Center Unit category, the latter being an extremely important accolade for our pioneering Polydynamo Diagnostic Center. For us, every award is a recognition of the work we do. First, we are fully committed to all those who honor us by choosing the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group branches for their laboratory and diagnostic tests. We are sincerely thankful, and we promise that we will always rely on the tripartite Quality – Reliability and Innovation· we will be here for the healthcare of all”.

The BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group made its presence in Cyprus in 2017, with the establishment and full management until today of the clinical laboratory of the German Oncology Center, the acquisition of the majority of shares of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories in the same year, and a year later the complete acquisition of the Alpha Evresis Diagnostic, constantly invests in quality, reliability, and innovation. It introduces leading medical equipment, with automation, robotic processes, and artificial intelligence technology, and thus provides pioneering services and innovative service methods in Cyprus, which radically upgrade and set a new standard in Primary HealthCare in the country.Quality management is at the core of the Group’s philosophy, which has been awarded for another year, this time with a Gold Service Quality award.

One of the most important innovations of the Group is the establishment of the first Polydynamo Primary Healthcare Diagnostic Center in Cyprus, a one-stop services center, spread over three levels and combining the services of a clinical laboratory and an imaging diagnostic center in the same location. The interior of the building is characterized of unparalleled aesthetics, which respects the patient and boost their morale, while it is offering a holistic approach to diagnostic services, eliminating unnecessary patients’ visits. Inside the laboratories a pioneering, and in some cases, unique artificial intelligence equipment provides the best medical services in Cyprus, under the supervision of highly trained personnel (doctors, nurses, technologists, and specialist scientists), without exclusion and discrimination. The Polydynamo center was awarded with the Silver Award in the “Innovative Diagnostic Center Unit” category.