Scientific Partnership between BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group and University of Nicosia

Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation ratified by Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories | BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group and the University of Nicosia, with the aim of research and expertise dissemination, continuance of training programs, jointly development and the wider collaboration in matters of education and gaining work experience.

The Memorandum reaffirms the commitment of both bodies in matters of quality and innovation for the improvement of the services offered.  

At academic level, the Memorandum of Understanding provides, among other things, career opportunities to University’s graduates in the Group’s units in Cyprus and Greece, expects for joint actions requiring laboratory functions, organizes joint training seminars for health professionals, students and the public and strengthens the innovation and specialized knowledge via special seminars to employees of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Greece and Cyprus. 

In the field of Research, the two organizations will work together to introduce innovations and specialized applications in the operation of clinical laboratories to promote local, European, and international research proposals, the shared access to infrastructure facilities in the framework of research projects, the utilization of resources at infrastructure and personnel level of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus and Greece, as well as for joint publications of research papers.

 “This is a very important agreement that highlights the great importance of the upgrade of the Primary Health Care towards the citizens of Cyprus. We join forces with the University of Nicosia, we put the infrastructure and the excellent expertise of the Group at the disposal of the students, for their most complete education.

 At the same time, we will collaborate on important research in the field of biomedical science”, stated the President and CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, Mr. Georgios Spanos. 

From the University’s side, the Dean of the University of Nicosia, Professor Filippos Pougioutas, expressed with confidence that this collaboration will prove to be mutually productive and beneficial. “Connection between society and the productive sector of industry is a strategic goal of the University.

Within the framework of the Knowledge’s four dimensions (Teaching and Learning, Research, Innovation, Contribution to Society), our collaboration with BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group aims to provide even better-quality education to our students “.

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group has been active in the field of private primary health services for 40 years. Entrance into the fifth decade also marks the entrance into a new era. In this new era, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group implements decisive steps towards pioneering and innovation, continues to be stronger, with a firm commitment to the vision of promoting Health to all.  You can read about all Group’s news on our websiteLinkedInFacebook and Instagram.

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