A. Kalogiannis: Technology is the “Alpha and Omega” of our development (video)

Director of Operations and Business Development in Cyprus, at InBusiness TV

Digital technology has a pivotal role in the provision of qualitative and pioneer Primary healthcare services, according to Mr. Anastasios Kalogiannis, Director of Operations and Business Development of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus.

Following decades of experience in Greece, Bioiatriki Healthcare Group made its appearance in Cyprus in 2017. The Group begun with the undertaking of the management and operation of the German Oncology Center, followed by the acquisition of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, and finally, with the acquisition of Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center in 2018.

As explained during his interview at InBusiness TV, the director of operations and business development in Cyprus, Mr. Anastasios Kalogiannis, the benchmarks of the Group were the integration of its medical services to GeSY and the establishment of the first Polydynamo Medical and Diagnostic Center, to which he makes extensive reference.

The cornerstone of the Group’s development is the digital technology, and the communication and information technologies. Mr. Kalogiannis points out that thanks to the Cyta Business services, the Group is able to carry out its threefold development, that is, quality, reliability, and innovation.

Relying on technology, the Group looks forward to the further Pancyprian development of both at the level of Group’s units and centers, and at the level of modern innovative equipment.

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Watch Mr. Kalogiannis interview at InBusiness TV.