BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group: Four decades of service to humanity

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group was founded in Greece in 1981, when Evangelos Spanos created a specialized endocrinology laboratory. That small laboratory soon stood out for its commitment to the threefold “quality – reliability – innovation,” gaining the appreciation of the medical community and citizens.

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group has been active in Cyprus since 2017, when, during an international tender, it was selected to design, implement and man the clinical laboratory of the German Oncology Center, in collaboration with the Yiannoukas Medical Laboratory. At the end of the same year, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group acquired the majority shares of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratory, and a few months later it fully acquired the Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center. Today there are 17 sample collection centers all over Cyprus, both in the urban and in remote communities, and multiple mobile sampling crews.

The highlight of the investments in Cyprus was the establishment of the first Polydynamo Medical Center in Nicosia, including clinical laboratory and medical imaging services.

True to its principles, the Group stands out for the top quality and reliable services, its innovative equipment, with robotic machines and clinical laboratory automation, and for the 3T MRI with artificial intelligence by SIEMENS (first in Cyprus and Greece), and of course, for its experienced and specialized personnel.

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus conducts over 3,500 different laboratory tests, many of which are available for the first time in our country, while it has supported GeSY since its birth, providing without exception, all its services to all citizens. 

Socially sensitive and with a high sense of responsibility towards the society, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group implements an extensive Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program with free medical tests for those in need, special prices for specific groups of citizens, voluntary blood donations, free provision of preventive health equipment in schools , support of Charitable Associations and Organizations, etc.

With the principles of quality, reliability and technological superiority, the “arsenal” of extensive experience, innovation, and expertise and with respect for the patient, BIOIATRIKI Group continues with greater confidence and increasing motivation its investment program in our country aiming, as always, for the provision of high-quality Primary Health Care (PHC) services to all.


– ANASTASIOS KALOGIANNIS, Director of Operations and Business Development 

– KYRIAKOS YIANNOUKA, CEO of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories

– ANNA GIASOUMI, Manager of Alpha Evresis Diagnostic center

Commitment to quality and innovation

Despite the multiple challenges that emerged during the pandemic, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, which was at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19, and despite the elevated workload, did not sacrifice the quality of its services in the slightest. After all, as he mentions in an interview in the @yourservices, Mr. Georgios Spanos, President and CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, the elements that differentiate the Group are the holistic approach to the provision of quality Primary Health Care (PHC) services, and the commitment and dedication to innovation and technological excellence. This “triptych” is the basis of the extensive investment plan in Cyprus since 2017 which, in fact, is expected to be further developed in the immediate future.

-What are the most important challenges you have been asked to face due to the COVID-19 pandemic and in what way do you consider that you have helped to deal with COVID-19?

First, I would like to thank all the medical and nursing personnel who selflessly put themselves on the front line supporting us all. For us the challenges were multiple and due to the size of the pandemic waves and the speed of the viral mutations, in our field, it was essential:

  • The constant vigilance, the keen technical expertise, and the assimilation of knowledge
  • The timely, valid, and sometimes, universal allocation of resources
  • The support to our personnel in every way so that they can devote themselves to their duties.

Despite the elevated workload, we did not sacrifice the quality of our work in the slightest. Instead, we proceed to new investments, strengthened our forces and equipment, and managed to cope with the new situation successfully.

We created multiple COVID-19 sampling units, we were immediately certified by the Ministry of Health during the critical initial period of the pandemic, we embraced actions such as the “test to stay”, and we always provided our help and resources where needed.

Additionally, we invested in the employment and the economy with practical support through sampling for COVID-19 in businesses, airlines, and cruise lines. We implemented an extensive plan of Corporate Social Responsibility actions, with free testing to vulnerable population groups, social agencies and organizations, and prevention actions in multiple fields.

How do you see the field’s future after the pandemic?

Our belief is that sustainable development can only be achieved through a model of serious and significant investments that aim to the qualitative and quantitative upgrading of services offered to citizens.This requires investment in quality, facilities, equipment, innovation, human resources and modern methods of service and support. These investments in turn, require a culture of collaboration, joining forces and a clear shift towards quality.

-Which are the Group’s investments in Cyprus and what do you think differentiates you from the competition? 

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group from 2017 until today has implemented an extensive investment plan in Cyprus. A threefold investment plan that is based in:

  • Holistic approach to the provision of PHC services, through multiple service points throughout Cyprus and medical testing that includes both laboratory and imaging examinations.
  • Commitment on quality, with CYS-CYSAB-accredited laboratories, certified services, participation in international external quality control schemes and continuous staff training.
  • Commitment to innovation and technological excellence, with fully automated laboratories, robotic devices, modern equipment including a  3T MRI with artificial intelligence.

-What are your plans regarding the Group’s investments in Cyprus?

The Group’s investments in Cyprus lies on three axes.

Equipment: More specifically, a new and larger medical laboratory in Cyprus is expected to begin its operation within the year, which is characterized by a fully automated process chain and full visual access to it by the public.

Services: With the expansion of both the list of medical tests offered and the gradual inclusion of new services that are already offered in Greece and will be available in Cyprus for the first time.

Pancyprian service & Polydynamo Medical Centers: The presence of the Group in Cyprus will be further strengthened with new centers and collaborations.

“The interview was printed on Sunday’s Simerini magazine.” BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus Limassol Avenue 100 Nicosia, 2015 Tel. 22 419 700