BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group hosted a blood donation event within Polydynamo Medical Center premises

Dozens of blood donor boosted the reserves of the Blood Center

Dozens of citizens participated in the blood donation event which was hosted by the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group (Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories & Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center) which took place on Sunday, April 17, to boost the Blood Center’s stocks at a time when the need for blood is particularly high due to the pandemic.The public’s response to the call of the Group and the Blood Center was heartwarming, as dozens of citizens rushed to Polydynamo to donate blood.

In her statement, the head of the Blood Center, Ms. Andri Panagiotou, emphasized the great need for blood that exists during this period due to the pandemic and the Easter holidays.

She noted that blood donation is a gift of life for our fellow human beings who need it, either urgently or on a regular basis, and that by doing so “we give life to three of our fellow human beings”. She was thankful to the blood donors, who save many lives with this action, and she appealed to all citizens who are eligible to donate blood to join the rest of us during this week to boost the stocks.

In a statement, the operation and development manager of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus, Mr. Tasos Kalogiannis, expressed his satisfaction for the public’s response to donate blood during the event hosted by the Group. Mr. Kalogiannis also stated that the Group recognizes the continuous need for blood, and therefore organizes blood donation events twice a year at its premises. “Solidarity and volunteerism, especially during the difficult times we live in, become even more important,” he said, thanking the citizens who came to the Polydynamo Medical Center to donate.

Finally, he thanked the Blood Center for its great work, the Citizen’s Commissioner, and the Mayors of Strovolos and Aglantzia as the event was under their auspices, and Europa Donna Cyprus, Cyprus Association of Cancer Patients & Friends (PASYKAF), and the Pancyprian Thalassaemia Association, for the support they offered to the event.