BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus: Pioneer providers of primary health services

Quality, Reliability, Innovation These are our basic principles and along with our motto “We are here for the Health of all”, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group pioneers in the field of Primary Health Care (PHC) in Greece and Cyprus, offering upgraded and quality services to all citizens within the framework of the General Health Care System and privately without exception.

Trust, experience, and knowledge of more than 40 years of successful activity in Greece, led, in 2017, to establishment and operation of the clinical laboratory of the German Oncology Center (GOC).

The same year the Group became the major shareholder of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories while in 2018, it acquired Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center. At the end of 2022, Pavlidis Labs joined the Group’s family, therefore our presence in Limassol and Paphos was significantly strengthened.

Today the Group has a total of 17 units/sampling centers, known for their standards of quality, reliability, aesthetics, and functional innovation, which set the highest standards in the provision of PHC for both medical diagnosis and imaging, able to carry out more than 3,500 different laboratory analyses by utilizing the most modern technological equipment.

The first Polydynamo Medical Diagnostic Center in Cyprus

The vision of the Group’s founder, the late Evangelos Spanos, to offer upgraded health services to all citizens without exception, is inextricably linked to the innovations introduced by the Group in our country, with the introduction of the institution of Polydynamo Diagnostic Centers.

The first Polydynamo Medical Diagnostic Center in Cyprus is here and operates since 2020 in Nicosia. It is a model of innovation, quality, and aesthetics that provides access to both clinical laboratory and imaging services within the same premises.

The establishment is designed in a way that refers to a hotel-type unit, instead of a hospital, and stands out for its upgraded services and the use of advanced and innovative technology, with robotic automation and artificial intelligence.

AI technology

The Group’s investments in state-of-the-art equipment continue uninterrupted, bringing PHC in our country one step ahead. One can only judge by visiting the new, automated clinical laboratory of the Polydynamo Medical Diagnostic Center.

It is probably the most modern laboratory in our country throughout the whole diagnostic workflow, from the receipt of the sample to the issuing of the result, being automated and robotic, while the analysis capacity exceeds 600 samples per hour. This drastically reduces turnaround time of sample analysis, eliminating the possibility of human error.

Very recently, a state-of-the-art 128-slice CT scanner with special software for tailored radiation reduction based on gender, body type, and with special provisions for children has been added to the Polydynamo Center. Simply put, the patient receives the minimum amount of radiation required by the test.

At the same time, the Center has a 3 Tesla MRI scanner with artificial intelligence – the only one in Cyprus and only the third in Europe.

The innovations introduced by the Group, its upgraded services, its wide range of tests, the reliability and validity of the test results, and the quality that distinguishes it, thanks to its large team of specialized and highly qualified scientists, have made it a leader in the minds of citizens.

It is no coincidence that more than 200,000 citizens choose BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group for their medical and imaging examinations every year.

State-of-the-art CT scanner with the minimum radiation dose

  • CT scanner, Siemens SOMATOM go.TOP 128 slices
  • Special software for tailored radiation dose optimization, based on gender and body structure.
  • The most suitable for children.
  • Excellent imaging quality and wide examination range.
  • Examinations in a short time.
  • Ability to schedule a large part of the examination with the technologist next to the patient.
  • Improving the experience of the patient.

Robotic laboratory

  • The most modern clinical laboratory in Cyprus
  • All the laboratory processes are carried out automatically and robotically from sampling to issuing the result.
  • Modern analyzers covering the full range of exams.
  • Innovative operation software.
  • BackUp devices for uninterrupted operation.
  • Drastic reduction of turnaround time with analysis capabilities of over 600 samples/hour.
  • Zero chance of human error.
  • Visual access for patients to the processes of analyses.

The only MRI 3TAI in Cyprus

  • Dynamic 3 Tesla with artificial intelligence software.
  • Minimization of examination time.
  • High resolution imaging.
  • Maximum reliability in diagnosis and comparative analysis with international databases thanks to the use of artificial intelligence.
  • Spacious cabin – recommended for claustrophobic people.
  • Number 1 choice of the medical community.


BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus

Limassol Ave. 100, Strovolos, 2015, Nicosia, Cyprus.

Call Centre: +357 22419700, FAX +357 22 419 800

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