Dr. Nikolaos Georgalis joined the medical team of Alpha Evresis

ALFA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center, member of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus, committed to continuously upgrading its services and holistically meeting the needs of the patients, added to its medical team another renowned Radiologist, Dr. Nikolaos Georgalis.

Dr. Georgalis graduated from the Plovdiv University School of Medicine in Bulgaria. His specialty is interventional and diagnostic radiology, with an emphasis on breast imaging and invasive procedures, gained by his services at METAXA – Piraeus General Cancer Hospital.

He worked in hospitals and diagnostic centers in Ireland, Greece, and Cyprus as a Consultant Radiodiagnostic Doctor, while managing a radiodiagnostic center in Athens for several years.

He has also trained young doctors and nurses in radiodiagnostics, and during his time at Galway University Hospital in Ireland, he participated in the weekly endocrinology medical board. Through his previous service at METAXA – Piraeus General Cancer Hospital, he gained extensive experience in breast imaging, fluoroscopy, and invasive radiological procedures, mainly in cancer patients (detection of breast lesions with a guide wire, F.N.A, biopsies, nephrostomy, stents, etc.). Furthermore, he holds certifications for a series of continuing educations related to his specialty, while he has participated in dozens of seminars and scientific conferences in Greece and abroad, related to Radiology.

ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center welcomes Dr. Georgalis into the family of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus and wishes all the best and success to his work.