Georgios Spanos: Our goal is the elevation of the quality of life of the Cypriot citizens

Mr. Georgios Spanos is the CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group.

21rst of December 2021

Since the onset of the COVID’s-19 spread until today, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group responds with responsibility to the new conditions and needs.

2021 was a tough year for everybody. The development of the vaccine against COVID-19 was an encouragement for to the society, however, the course of the pandemic worldwide remains uncertain. There are many challenges that the economy and the society must overcome, let alone the healthcare system.

Since the onset of the COVID’s-19 spread until today, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group responds with responsibility to the new conditions and needs, as befits a leading body of the healthcare sector. We made no exceptions during the pandemic, as our actions reflected the prestige of all our 40 years of presence in the health field, when our main goal was and is to provide reliable, and quality Primary Health Care services. For this purpose, we used every available innovation and technology at our disposal for the investment of new tools.

Our presence in Cyprus dates back in 2017, when the national healthcare system GESY was still at its birth. Following an international tender, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, in collaboration with Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, was chosen to design, implement, and man the clinical laboratory within the facilities of the German Oncology Center (GOC). Since then, we have been carrying out an important investment plan, which reflects our trust towards the society and health care services of Cyprus. Our first milestone was the acquisition of the majority of Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories shares in the end of 2017, while in 2018, we expanded by the full acquisition of Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center. As a result, a new era begun in Cyprus with the establishment of a primary healthcare system that provides a broad spectrum of medical services. Within the expansion context, in 2020, the Group established the first Polydynamo Medical Center in Nicosia. It is a modern facility, with state-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified scientific personnel, where one can find a comprehensive list of medical laboratory tests and medical imaging examinations under the same roof. The thousands of citizens who chose the Polydynamo Medical Center during its first year of operation, is the best reward for our efforts for quality and reliability in primary health care. We are very thankful, as since then, more than 100,000 Cypriot citizens choose our services annually. For all of them and for all our fellow citizens in Cyprus, we continue to strive for the upgrade of the level of services we provide.


During all its 40 years of activity, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group is known for its continuous innovations. The same principles stand for our investments in Cyprus. Our Polydynamo Medical Center is equipped with state-of-the-art imaging devices, the “flagship” of which is the 3Tesla AI MRI, the first of its kind in Cyprus and Greece, and only the third installed by Siemens in Europe, able to interconnect to international databases. The next step is the installation and accreditation of the new fully automated clinical laboratory which is housed in the Polydynamo Medical Center. This is a modern facility where the patients and visitors can watch and observe the complete process of medical analysis from the sampling to the report of the results. Therefore, they can verify the practical and extensive use of robotic technologies and automation that, on the one hand, minimizes the processing time of the medical tests, and on the other hand, maximizes the quality and reliability of the results ,and reduces the possibility of human error.

Additionally, the provision of a higher level of service towards the patients, emphasizes the parameter of sustainability in every choice and every investment step. Both the modern equipment and the improved the processes we follow, are characterized by a positive energy footprint and a respect for the environment. This fact, along with the integration of green solutions in the Group’s centers, are important steps that aspire dealing with the modern challenges for conscientious ecological activity.

For four decades now, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group continues with dedication to the vision of its founder Evangelos Spanos, to provide high quality and easily accessible services for everyone. For four decades now, Group’s people have been working diligently to protect the most valuable asset, that of services which stand out for quality, reliability, and safety.

We are committed to continuing to strengthen the Cypriot economy and employment, to remain true to the vision of the best possible primary health care and to constantly upgrade our services to Cypriot citizens. We are here for the wellbeing of everybody.


BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group was founded in 1981 in Greece and since 2017 has been active in Cyprus through the Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center and the Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories. Through an international tender, it has taken over the GOC’s clinical laboratory, while in 2020 the first Polydynamo Medical Center in Nicosia began its operation.