Investments in the future of health

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s commitment to the Cypriot citizen is the continuous investment in quality premises, operation, service, and results.

by Anastasios Kalogiannis*

The last year was a milestone not only on a socioeconomic level – due to several important events which rendered it a protagonist on the citizens’ consciousness – but also for the particularly sensitive area of ​​Healthcare, with the mitigation of the effects of the recent pandemic, the important developments in matters of prevention and promotion, and the multitude of business initiatives aimed at upgrading Healthcare in the Republic of Cyprus.

GeSY is now established, therefore, actions that will improve its services and generally upgrade the quality of health services offered to the citizens of Cyprus have taken up the baton. BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, with more than 40 years of Healthcare experience in Greece and Cyprus, since 2017, when it entered Cyprus, implements a long-term plan of high investments in quality, facilities, innovative equipment, and human resources that aims to identify its services in the consciousness of the citizens as Quality, Innovation & Reliability.


Based on these principles, the Group created a pan-Cypriot network of services that includes 2 state-of-the-art laboratories, 16 sampling centers, 2 diagnostic centers and a Polydynamo Medical Center in Nicosia (opened in December 2022), with the most modern Clinical Laboratory and Radiodiagnostic equipment. It is the first Medical Center that combines the services of both Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories (clinical laboratory tests) and Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center (imaging tests) in the same premises.

Model Clinical Laboratory with Quality, Innovation and Reliability that stand out.

Within the Polydynamo Medical Center operates perhaps the most modern laboratory in Cyprus, with extensive automation, innovative software, accreditation, BackUp devices, and experienced, highly specialized staff. The laboratory was developed in collaboration with leading companies such as SIEMENS Healthineers, INFOMED, ​​Scientronics and more. All the processes are carried out robotically from sampling to issuing the result.

Another innovation is that those who visit the Center have full visual contact with all the Laboratory’s processes.

Top Imaging

In the same Center, the latest imaging technology has been installed. The equipment, among others, includes:

• A 3Tesla MRI with Artificial Intelligence software and features that minimize examination time, while guaranteeing high imaging clarity and maximum reliability in diagnosis.

• A 128-section CT scanner with special software for personalized dose optimization, Ultra-low-dose scanning, thanks to which all patients based on body type and type of examination receive the minimum possible radiation dose, something particularly important for everyone and especially for children.

• Two state-of-the-art ultrasound systems with elastography capabilities

• One device for digital breast tomosynthesis.

• One low-radiation Digital X-Ray.

• One DUAL-ENERGY X RAY ABSORPTIOMETRY (DEXA) device for bone density and body fat composition measurement.


BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group was one of the first organizations that supported GeSY by providing all its sampling centers and services without exception. At the same time, important collaborations with major Cypriot insurance companies, such as Universal and Eurolife, are already in place and will continue during the new year, resulting in the provision of a wide range of services to beneficiaries.

In the new year, the steady investment steps of the Group continue, always committed to our principles Quality – Reliability – Innovation.

On quality level, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group participates with passion for the recognition of the need of quality’s integration to the provision of healthcare services, the assessment of the units responsible for these services, and the interconnection of compensation with quality. We believe that it is now time for the Cypriot citizen to claim and demand information about the quality of the services they receive and how this is ensured and paid for.

GeSY and OAY have given the necessary adjustment time to the relevant bodies and must now bring about changes in the way of compensation with an emphasis on the quality of services, rewarding these bodies that invest in it and motivating others to follow.

On innovation level, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group will intensify its efforts for software modernization and homogenization of its provided services resulting in easier access and faster availability towards the citizens. At the same time, it will further expand the range of specialized medical examinations it offers by making use of its recently acquired and installed equipment, while it will also install a new modern system (PACS), which will upgrade and make imaging information / evaluation more accessible for doctors. Furthermore, the Group’s plans include the expansion of the institution of Polydynamo Medical Centers, in collaboration with other agencies and in other cities, making available the combined services offered to more and more citizens of the Republic of Cyprus.

On reliability level, the Group continues to strive to provide optimal results by investing not only in the quantity, but mainly in the quality of diagnoses. Our aim is to identify the Group, its units, and doctors with the very concept of reliability in the citizen’s mind. For this reason, and justifying the awards and accreditations achieved by the Group and alongside its investments in modern and innovative equipment, we constantly invest in experience and expertise, by building a scientific team of specialist scientists and doctors (Biopathologists – Microbiologists & Radiologists) which on the one hand covers holistically all the requirements of the diagnosis from Primary Healthcare, on the one hand it ensures the reliability of these diagnoses.

Health services as a new growing industry

The Group’s development plans also include investments in special forms of providing health services, such as Medical Tourism. A field in which the Group already has its own company with extensive technical knowledge and experience, which could be utilized and expanded in Cyprus, which makes the country a model center for the provision of medical tourism services.

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group will continue to invest in the Cypriot market, economy, and employability, providing easy access to quality, innovative and reliable healthcare services without discrimination, actualizing the belief “We are here for all”.

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The article was posted in Economy Today.

* Director of Operations and Business Development of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus