October 16 – World Anesthesia Day

In the cases of patients who are unable to undergo an MRI (adults who manifest claustrophobia which does not respond to medication (sedation)/ young children, in whom the possibility of cooperation without hypnosis has been examined and ruled out) is assessed, depending on the necessity of the test, the possibility of performing an MRI under anesthesia.

Depending on the patient’s medical history and health status, the specialized anesthesiologist at Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center plays a key role in assessing the patient and administering the necessary anesthesia (type, amount, dose rate).

The technologically advanced equipment of the diagnostic center that allows the necessary administration of anesthesia and its monitoring during the test, combined with the well-trained personnel are key helpers for the achievement of safety during the procedure.

The highly trained radiologists-technologists are responsible for capturing high-definition images in the shortest possible period of time, so that the patient remains under sedation as little as possible.

The experienced and specialized radiologists examine each case with absolute professionalism, so that diagnoses are achieved with the maximum possible accuracy.

For us, at Bioiatriki Healthcare Group, every patient is unique.

So are their needs.