We proudly present the first Polydynamo Center in Cyprus

At the “dawn” of the 5th decade of its continuous operation, BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group established the first Polydynamo Center in Cyprus, within the framework of the large investment plan it implements in our country. 

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s presence in Cyprus starts at 2017, when, following a public tender, it undertakes the design, equipment, staffing and overall operation of the German Oncology Center’s clinical laboratory within its facilities, in collaboration with YIANNOUKAS MEDICAL LABORATORIES, of which the Group became the majority shareholder at the end of the same year. Midyear of 2018, Group’s investment plan in Cyprus lead to the complete acquisition of the ALPHA EVRESIS Diagnostic Center, thus creating an ambitious expansion in our country, regarding organizations offering a complete network of medical examinations.

Currently, Bioiatriki Healthcare Group has more than 3 million visitors in both Greece and Cyprus, and continues to invest decisively in new technologies, innovation, services, and human resources in our country.

“The vision of the founder of the Group, Evangelos Spanos, has always been the continuous upgrade of the Group’s medical services, including innovations and access to all citizens without discrimination, aiming at people’s welfare. Until today, all of us in BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, work daily for the same goal. Part of this vision is Group’s development in Cyprus, where for every action we perform, our aim is the best health services to Cypriot citizens. “This is a large and multidimensional investment that was undoubtedly a vote of confidence to GESY, before it was even established, as we do believe in this grand venture and participate with the provision of medical services, from the outset, with their full range, without exception,” declared in Cyprus Times the President and CEO of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, Mr.Georgios Spanos.

According to Mr. Spanos, BIOATRIKI Healthcare Group, so far, has invested a total of more than 5 million Euros in Cyprus, and has significantly increased the specialized job vacancies.

At the same time, the Group has contributed more than 1.7 million Euros for the orthological relocation of GESY budget, through the copious medical examinations it implements with a very low compensation price, thus helping to save resources that the Health System can utilize for further support and development of the health sector.

The first MRI with Artificial Intelligence in Cyprus-Greece

The biggest action so far of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group in Cyprus is the establishment of the Polydynamo Center in Nicosia, in a completely renovated building on Limassol Avenue, aspiring to change the nature of the Primary Healthcare Services. This is a decisive investment step, despite the economic and social changes brought by the pandemic, which highlights the Group’s vision for its presence and action in Cyprus.

In Polydynamo Center both Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories and Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center provide their services, in a modern 3-level building. Here you can find the first in Cyprus and only third in Europe state-of-the-art 3Tesla MRI with artificial intelligence, which provides extremely detailed imaging and increased diagnostic capabilities by connecting to international databases.

The MRI 3T AI is distinguished for its spacious cabin, low noise level and shorter examination time, thus providing a stress-free examination for the patient. 

There are also 2 new Ultrasounds, a digital mammogram, a DEXA system for bone density measurement and a special fat measurement software. Here, you can also find separate blood sampling rooms for adults and children. Within the new state-of-the-art central medical laboratory, all medical test procedures will be automated with minimal human intervention, which guarantees even greater reliability, speed in obtaining results, complete identification of patient and sample, and traceability· all while a smaller sample size will be required. Meanwhile, the laboratory is designed so that visitors have full visual access to its procedures, gaining, for the first time, an overall picture of the sample analysis process, but also witnessing the impressive capabilities of modern medical technology. In this area in the future, samples collected from all BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s sampling centers throughout Cyprus, will run, with all safety and quality standards, and based on a series of international standards, with which our Group has been certified.

Although the Center begun its medical operations amid the pandemic, with the restrictive measures in force and even escalating since then, it has already gained a stable customer base, which is constantly enriched with both new visitors and those who already trusted Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories and Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center for their medical examinations. In any case, Polydynamo Center operates, in a specially designed and isolated space, a sampling point for all types of Coronavirus test.

Access for all

“We would say that the Polydynamo Center summarizes comprehensively our vision for innovation and welfare of the citizens of Cyprus: This is the first of its kind that combines both clinical and diagnostic examinations in the same place, making the examination process much easier for the patient. Its modern facilities and equipment negate the stressful examination processes, which become simpler, faster, providing high-quality results, thus the achievement of the best possible diagnosis. All these are accessible to anyone, whether they want to be tested through Gesy or with private insurance or by their own, with the same quality of service. Choosing Polydynamo Center in Nicosia to place AI MRI 3T, which is the first AI 3T MRI in Cyprus and Greece and just the 3rd in Europe, in combination with the fully automated and innovative clinical laboratory with robotic technology procedures which will be in place in the upcoming months shows that: our emphasis on innovation and excellence, and our commitment to equal access for all. It is a combination that without a doubt, upgrades significantly the quality and level of Primary Healthcare in Cyprus”, stated Mr. A. Kalogiannis, Director of Operations and Business Development in Cyprus.