World Health Day 2023


With regard to World Health Day (April 7), BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group offers standard medical check-ups in special prices for all. At BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, we believe that prevention on health matters and thus medical check-ups are the best gift we could give ourselves and our loved ones.
Regular medical tests are crucial for several purposes:

-Primary prevention
-Identification of risk factors for common chronic diseases
-Detection of diseases that do not have obvious symptoms
-Health awareness
At BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group recognizing the value of preventive screening, we are introducing special test packages on account of personalized health care.

Preventive screening

Screening starts with the blood checkup which provides important information about our overall health status including all the vital systems of the body. Furthermore, blood checkups could unearth health issues such as cardiovascular diseases, thus proceeding to appropriate interventions by clinicians. Together with blood checkup, we offer urine general analysis for an even more comprehensive picture of the overall health status. Therefore, the two preventive test packages include a) Complete Blood Count, Iron, Ferritin and Blood Group and b) General Urine Analysis, Glucose, Total Cholesterol, LDL, HDL, Urea, Creatinine and Triglycerides.

Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STDs) Testing

STDs (a.k.a. Venereal Diseases) are infections transmitted mainly via sexual intercourse. Undeniably, they affect all sexually active individuals, regardless of sexual behavior and preferences.

However, in many cases, STDs remain undiagnosed due to mild or no symptoms. Consequently, prevention through regular check-ups is particularly important.

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group offers for April a STD testing package which includes:

– Hepatitis B
– Hepatitis C
– Syphilis

Vitamin D Checkup

Adequate vitamin intake is vital to our health and performance. Often, the diet is not sufficient to meet the body’s needs in vitamins. Furthermore, as far as vitamin D is concerned, due to the urban lifestyle (working indoors, using moisturizers all over the body, and face sunscreens with an SPF), sun exposure is minimal to none. Low vitamin D levels have been associated with an increased incidence of the common cold, while long-term effects include osteoporosis, inflammation of the mucous membranes (respiratory, urinary and genital systems), and various forms of cancer. For these reasons, it is necessary to detect any deficiencies of Vitamin D in time, as they are also responsible for chronic fatigue, difficulty in concentration and immunocompromisation (body’s inability to act against microbes).

Breast Ultrasound

Ultrasound is the cornerstone for the detection and diagnosis of breast lesions and characterization of abnormalities. It is also a specialized preventive imaging examination in women under 35 years of age.

Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center has state-of-the-art, high-definition ultrasonographs capable of conducting all the techniques required in breast pathology.

Our medical radiologists are fully trained and have extensive experience in breast ultrasound.

Prostate ultrasound

Transrectal ultrasonography is often performed to detect any suspicious lesions in the prostate gland and to guide prostate biopsy, usually after high PSA levels and / or suspicious findings on Digital Rectal Exam (examination by finger). Alpha Evresis Diagnostic Center can carry out this routine procedure in just 20 minutes.

The above clinical laboratory tests can be performed individually or in combination at all the Group’s sampling centers throughout Cyprus, while the imaging tests are carried out at the Group’s imaging centers at 100 Limassol Avenue and 99A Athalassas Avenue, Strovolos, by appointment.

Packages are valid from April 7th to April 30th.

You can find here the addresses of all our sampling centers