Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories: Reliable medical tests with respect to the patient

The article was hosted in the June issue of Insider magazine.

Quality, reliability, innovation Based on the threefold of principles and priorities that has always governed the activities of the BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories as a member of the Group since 2017, and with 45 years of operation in Cyprus, provides standard and high-quality clinical laboratory services to the Cypriot citizen, that are constantly upgraded, while its scientific personnel is constantly being strengthened both numerically and in terms of expertise.

The respect for the patient, their needs for confidentiality and care for their health, as well as the rational utilization of GESY resources, are non-negotiable values ​​and priorities for Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories | BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group. Within this context, the Group is always pioneering in:

Wide range of diagnostic tests: BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group carries out more than 3,500 medical tests, that is, everything that GESY has to offer to the citizens of Cyprus,

Innovation and reliability of the tests: The Group possesses modern laboratory equipment and a plethora of automations and accredited laboratory medical tests (ISO 15189),

Reliability of test results: All the tests are certified, and the Group’s laboratories participate in multiple external quality control schemes, while highly specialized medical personnel assesses and authorizes the test results,

Quality of supporting services: with centers and staff that are standards of aesthetics, quality operation and service.

Sampling centers throughout Cyprus

Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, member of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, was the first medical laboratory to establish a network of sampling centers, based on the principle that everybody has the right to access quality and reliable medical services, without geographical, social, cultural, or any other type of restrictions. For this reason, the Group, continues to create time efficient for the patient medical services, by expanding its activity throughout Cyprus, with certified sampling centers in Agia Varvara, Agios Dometios, Aglantzia, Arediou village, Astromeriti village, Engomi, Lakatamia , Latsia, Makedonitissa, Strovolos (x3), Cheri village, Larnaca, Limassol, Paphos. At the same time, it has mobile sampling units that consist of experienced nursing staff, for those cases where the patient’s health condition does not allow them to visit one of the centers.

Services & Test Results that stand out

The choice of medical laboratory for medical tests must be the result of an uninfluenced choice for the patient. Therefore, the selection must be based on comparative analysis and evaluation of the offered services and results. In such an evaluation, Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, member of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group, presents combined advantages such as:

– It is a member of the largest Private Healthcare Provider in Greece, and one of the most prestigious in Europe, and therefore, offers reliable and innovative services.

– It is accredited with ISO 15189.

– It provides the entire range of medical tests that are offered by GESY (+1650).

– It provides more than 3,500 specialized and non-specialized medical tests, many of those exclusively, by being a member of the Group which has cooperation with multiple specialized medical centers abroad.

– It has multiple certified sampling centers, staffed with nursing and scientific personnel.

– It has two laboratories (in Nicosia and Limassol), with certified equipment and processes, factory-only reagents and multiple automations that speed up the examination procedures, thus minimizing the chances of human error and optimizing the reliability of the results.

– The patients are dealt with respect, always prioritizing their complete and quality service.

– The patient feels comfortable.

– It incorporates multiple levels of security and confidentiality in the management and the report of results, ensuring the anonymity and compliance of its operations with the provisions of the GDPR.

– It provides patients and their doctors with digital tools for historical and comparative evaluation of results for better monitoring of health progress.

– It provides a wide range of preventive and specialized tests (e.g., molecular, genetic, microbiological, etc.) for the early and valid diagnosis and prevention of serious diseases.


When BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group was established in Cyprus, it implemented a long-term plan of development, the goal of which is the continuous upgrading of the private healthcare services, always with an emphasis on quality, reliability, and innovation.

A more recent investment with a clear image of innovation, it is the first Polydynamo Medical Center of the Group in Nicosia, where in a comfortable three-level establishment, over 1,400 square meters, and with an aesthetic superior to that of a simple medical unit, citizens can have their medical laboratory and imaging tests done at the same time. Within 2022, the installation of the first fully automated clinical laboratory will be completed within the Polydynamo premises, with new, first-use double medical devices to ensure its unceasingly operation, where the visitor will be able to monitor, in real time, the process of carrying out their analyses.

Yiannoukas Medical Laboratories, member of BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group will continue to move forward, innovating, investing, and strengthening the health of the citizens, supporting GESY, the economy, and employment.