Analytical Biochemistry Department

The laboratory of Analytical Biochemistry was created to integrate new technologies in biomolecule analysis in the clinical-chemistry field. It is a dynamic laboratory, where new methods are constantly introduced and applied in their respective analyses to provide optimal health services. It focuses on proteomic, metabolic, pharmacological, etc. analyses providing information and supporting all health stages (before, during and after the disease).

The Laboratory uses direct bioassay technologies, resulting in complete identification and simultaneous identification of biomolecules. The simultaneous determination of several dozen different molecules provides excellent possibilities in small volume samples (pediatric, cerebrospinal fluid, etc.). The immediacy in the identification and quantification of the identified molecules renders these technologies international reference methods and consequently, laboratories that apply them are referred as standard reference laboratories.

Our laboratories in Cyprus in collaboration with the parent company carry out one of the most extensive programs for determining therapeutic levels of drugs in Cyprus, for a wide variety of active substances which is constantly expanding.

Additionally, it identifies more than 80 minerals both the nutritionally necessary and the heavy metals which are toxic to humans, that can be consumed through foods and drinking water.


  • GC-MS
  • ICP-MS (Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry)
  • ET- AAS
  • Flame-AAS