Cytogenetics Department

BIOIATRIKI Healthcare Group’s Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics departments are the exemplar of modern departments in the field of chromosomal abnormalities diagnosis.

They contribute significantly to the prenatal and postnatal diagnosis of chromosomal abnormalities, and to the genetic defects in hematologic neoplasms.

Our goal is the reliable and fast provision of accredited diagnostic genetic tests to physicians, obstetricians-gynecologists, hematologists, endocrinologists, oncologists, pediatricians, and doctors of other specialties. We apply all modern techniques of Cytogenetics and Molecular Cytogenetics which relate to congenital and acquired chromosomal abnormalities.

Laboratory tests

In the laboratory, we perform all the tests needed for the analysis of numerical and structural chromosomal lesions (fragile sites) via conventional and molecular karyotyping, as well as via the fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) method.

More specifically, we screen for:

  • Postnatal cytogenetic analysis of chromosomal abnormalities/rearrangements in peripheral blood by high resolution karyotyping.
  • Prenatal cytogenetic analysis of chromosomal abnormalities of the fetus in chorionic villi, amniotic fluid, and fetal blood by karyotyping and by the innovative Non-Invasive Prenatal Testing (NIPT).
  • Cytogenetic analysis of products of conception (POC) with karyotyping
  • Cytogenetic analysis of fibroblasts after skin biopsy with karyotyping
  • Postnatal and prenatal chromosomal analysis (CMA) – molecular karyotyping
  • Cytogenetic analysis of bone marrow with karyotyping
  • FISH analysis for diagnostic evaluation of chromosomal lesions in neoplasms
  • FISH-based sperm aneuploidy screening